Hösel - EMO


When choosing the right cleaning technology, the production process and the desired cleaning results are of central importance. The same applies to our intensive, customer-specific consultation: What is the current situation in the manufacturing process? What framework conditions need to be considered? What is the objective? In collaborative and trustful conversations, we address these questions and provide our customers with competent and thorough advice.


In our company's own, excellently equipped technical center, trial cleanings take place – using our customers' parts under characteristic production conditions. Objective and meaningful results are provided by the subsequent laboratory analysis of the cleaned parts.


Part spectrum, throughputs, cleaning quality... Once all the key factors are defined, HEMO experts begin with the plant conception. Our well-coordinated team of engineers, designers, and programmers closely collaborates with the production team. And with our clients: On the path to a customized cleaning solution, we align partial results and regularly update our clients on construction progress and desired modifications that have been realized.


Experienced staff, high-quality parts and components from internationally leading suppliers, an impressive level of manufacturing depth, along with meticulous checks and test runs – this is the recipe for our successful manufacturing. This is how the precise HEMO cleaning systems are created, which are in demand worldwide due to their robustness, reliability, and functionality. Their commissioning is quick and seamless with the assistance of our skilled personnel.

Training and Maintenance

Even before the new cleaning system is commissioned, HEMO customers have the opportunity to have their system operators professionally trained by our experts.

As a comprehensive partner, we also handle all maintenance and service tasks. Although there aren't many – HEMO systems are popular in part due to their high availability. Should a disruption occur, our technicians in both indoor and field service can be relied upon. And thanks to a sophisticated inventory management, crucial spare parts are always readily available.