Refurbished Used Systems

Used Systems

To facilitate companies’ entry into the premium class of industrial parts cleaning, HEMO has expanded its range of demonstration systems and used machines. The sought-after used machines usually come from customers who have invested in a larger HEMO system. These machines are thoroughly refurbished by HEMO according to manufacturer standards. Thus, the used systems impress with high-level performance. Not only are the systems fully overhauled, but they are also brought up to date with the latest safety standards and process technology. Only high-quality original parts are used for the modernization.

Due to their high-quality construction, the cleaning systems are designed for a long service life in any case and are ready for tough industrial use after refurbishment. Naturally, HEMO provides full factory warranty for the refurbished systems and ensures spare parts availability for at least ten years. Used systems from HEMO are therefore the ideal alternative for those seeking a high-performance parts cleaning system with attractive conditions and manufacturer warranty.

Interested? Please contact Mr. Fritz, our specialist for used systems, at +49 7041/93740-0 or email